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PVD Coated Stainless Steel Sheet For Household Appliances

Updated: Aug 15

For most household appliances the design idea is similar. You can add functions but you mostly can not change the general look of the machine or part. That is where PVD coating comes forward. Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, Anthracite, Black or Rainbow and many other color finishes are applied with PVD coating. It does not create its own surface like painting does. It unites with the product surface and acts like the surface itself. So it can be bended, molded and laser cut. While keeping the brushed, polished or sandblasted surface of the metal you can have a shiny gold look. For mass fabrication you will need sustainable colors. PVD coating is conducted inside a vacuum chamber while gasses and coating materials are precisely adjusted. In every batch you can have the same or similar color. If you need assistance about integrating PVD coating into your fabrication process you can contact us through our channels you can find on our website dekap.com.tr . We will be happy to collaborate with you through your product development journey. #household #appliances #pvd #coating #fabrication

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